Whitening Cream

Whitening Cream
Dazzling brilliance of brightening!

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Direction for use
Every morning and evening, after routine skin care of toner, emulsion and serum, take some and dab it into the skin evenly all over the face.
Inner part of skin: It helps to prevent melanin generating for cut off the reason of becoming black fundamentally.
Outer part of skin: It helps remove fast old horny or effete substances on your face to keep the skin clean and clear. Improving the skin tone and texture dull and dark to be fair and brightly refreshed through removing dead cell.
Product feature
Ottie whitening cream help to make the skin bright getting back beautiful skin balance by arbutin, and keep the skin pure, clear and moisturized by containing with abundant hydration and nutrition ingredients. You may realize ideal skin of clear complexion with Ottie whitening crem.
Development background
Although the bright and clean skin without make up is an ideal wish, the skin is going to be deprived the brightness and clearness by an irregular life, lack of sleep, stress, harmful circumstance and excessive sun exposure. In most cases, the skin become to roughen and desquamate the moment surface of the skin become to be a pearly and thicker. And finally the skin is going to be deprived the brightness and clearness gradually. The main reason of generating spot or freckles is appeared melanin on the surface of skin. Melanin is caused by inner factor like hormone and outer factor like ultraviolet rays and harmful circumstances. Even though medical treatment is necessary for inner factor, but you can control outer factor with close attention by yourself and it’s possible to maintain bright and clean skin.
This Ottie whitening series combined highly purified Arbutin and Vitamin C in Kiwi extract, and protects your skin from generating melanin, spots and freckles. Enhancing to lift off old excess cells, which combine with melanin. Moreover, a lot of natural nutritive ingredients help to normalize the skin’s function and helps for renewal your skin.
Efficacy of Arbutin
1. Excellent of whitening effect
2. Prevents spot and freckles
3. Suppresses melanin pigmentation
Key ingredient & skin effect
Arbutin: Posted the whitening ingredient extracted from bilberry.
Kiwi extract: Skin brightening
Vitamin E derivate (Tocopheryl Acetat ): Helps to prevent skin aging and pigmentation.
Squalane, Hyalurone acid: Moisturizing and nourishing the skin.