COW Beauty Soap [RED]

COW STYLE - COW Beauty Soap [RED]

Everlasting gentleness and tenderness. We make quality thefirst priority.

  • Soap manufactured by soap-kettle saponification method
  • 1928 years release
  • Contain milk fat & Squalane
  • Leave moist feel after wash
  • Rose fragrance


Full-fledged soap production in Japan has a history of over 100 years and in the meantime, soap has become an essential part in people’s daily lives.
As liquid soap for hand and body become increasingly popular in recent years, some families of nowadays have no soap bar in the house.
We continue to strive to inherit and preserve the culture and tradition of soap that is friendly to both people and environment first and foremost.


Progress for make a soap

Our way of manufacturing is
Saponification method (Kamadaki method) that requires time and effort.

*The soap made by this method contains natural moisturizing factor (glycerin) which is mild for skin.
*It allows manufactures to make varied soap with individuality and originality.

Soap kettle

We are truly committed to ensuring our products being kind and safe by the soap-kettle saponification method.

Soap kettle
60-ton kettle for saponification

One of the largest scale
11 kettles equipped


High quality of materials

Our bar soap is made from carefully selected main ingredients, such as tallow, coconut oil, caustic soda and salt.
We use the tallow of like grade and quality of a domestically-produced beef fat for food. Using the food-purpose tallow enables us to make quality soap without downstream process.
Our soap base is gentle to the skin by the high-quality raw materials, the exquisite mixing proportion of the fat and oil created by the technological experience amassed through our long history, and the natural moisturizing factor produced by the soap-kettle saponification method.