CEO Message

CEOmessage-webI take utmost pleasure to Welcome you to our MissMe website.
It all began in last year 2014 after a long search to discover the best skin care product. After discovering that none of the products I had tried were produced according to pharmaceutical standards, my objective was to “reach for the stars” and launch products that meet the highest possible standard of quality. Japanese “Cow beauty soap”-a No1 best selling soap with 106 years history was the answer for me. Cow beauty soap takes the purest, highest-grade ingredients and combines them with saponification technology that truly delivers results.
When the opportunity arose to find a company known for its revolutionary saponification technology in Japan, I jumped at the chance asking my husband (Thanks to Moinul Tahmid for his support) to import this product for Bangladesh market. I established the company “Missme” .The word “Me”=美(Utsukushi)”-is a Japanese word literal meaning is “ Beauty”. So MissMe means “Miss Beauty”.
This website is designed to present all-inclusive and in details review of our Company, reflecting the satisfaction we, MissMe cosmetics, enclose in our ongoing activities. It transmits our sagacity of vision and mission – to befall the number one in Beauty business in Bangladesh.
We bring a passion for skincare and an authentic desire to inspire all level people specially women to improve the quality of their lives by enhancing their beauty naturally. I promise to play a vital role in MissMe, ensuring that the company’s image, reputation and integrity remain on a carefully guided course.
Looking ahead, we have many ambitious goals. For 2015 fiscal year, we hope to see our beauty products in every corner of Dhaka and Chittagong City by launching also 5 additional highest quality beauty products hence“ OTTIE” face wash, whitening which will also speak to who we are what we do.
We believe our team principles lying on 5 Cs.

  • Clarity: Focus on result not activity
  • Competence: Commit to become excellent hence “ Best the best NOT average.
  • Concentration: Set priorities and sense of urgency
  • Commonsense: Listen to intuition and learn from set back.
  • Creativity: Look for faster, better, easier, cheaper, newer ways trusting ideas

We will cater you beyond the standard!
Stay connected.
Thank you.

Tabassum Tahmid
Managing Director
Missme Cosmetics & Toiletries Ltd.