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Ottie- Whitening cream

  • Inner part of skin: It helps to prevent melanin generating for cut off the reason of becoming black fundamentally.
  • Outer part of skin: It helps remove fast old horny or effete substances on your face to keep the skin clean and clear. Improving the skin tone and texture dull and dark to be fair and brightly refreshed through removing dead cell.


Arbutin is a lightening ingredient to alleviate pigmentation and freckles, an abstract from leaves of cowberry, vine cowberry and a western pear tree etc.
Efficacy of Arbutin
◇ Superior whitening effect
◇ Suppress generating of spots and freckles
◇ No sensitiveness and no poisonous or stink

Other ingredients

Ingredient Main function & benefits
Tocopherol It is functional for anti-inflammatory and antioxidative enzyme, and it also helps to surppress free radical
what made by harmful circumstance and enviorment pollutions. So tocopherol helps to restore and maintain your skin to fresh and clear.
Hyalurone It is one of NMF, name is acid mucopolysaccharides what is maden from the newest Bio technology.
It has superior function to keep water, so it helps to maintain and preserve the moist in a cell, to provide moist and soft skin. Additionaly, it’s particular smooth texture helps to increase Slip, and it is carrying out the function as preventing a bad microbe’s invasion and harmful circumstance.
A Kiwi extract High purified Vitamin C in Kiwi extract helps to promote the skin resistance, and it is effective to whiten.
Betain Betain is a moisturizer of part of natural amino acid from a sugar beet. It is extremely functional for moiturizing and safety for the skin without sticky texture. And it helps to provide a clean and smooth skin by stimulateting to secrete keratinase for normalization of epidermis’s turnover.
Aloe vera gel It superior the skin permiability and moisturizing with an abundant high molecule polysaccharides. It helps to maintain and preserve the moist in a cell, and helps to stimulate to a capillary for promoting a circulation of blood. It is also functional for anti-inflammatory and antioxidative enzyme. It helps to provide clean and healthy skin by controling an excessive sebum secretion.
Licorice Glycyrrhizin Licorice is one of perennial plant family of a leguminous plant. It used for eastern and western medical
ingredient generally from old times. It helps to control an excessive sebum secretion, and effective to SOD(Super Oxide Dismutase), anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and antibacterial, it also helps to relieve an inflammation and cut, and it is carrying out the function as protecting the skin against harmful circustamce with the functions of detoxication and antihistamine.
Allantoin It is an extract from a bud of herb or inner layer of chestnut. It helps to disinfect and promote multiplicatoin of the cells. It also makes to normalize the metabolism of skin, and helps to make the skin vital and vivid.

Wash your face gently with our quality soap.

Face washing is an important step towards healthy skin making.
Remove dirt and sebum carefully from your face skin so that you can get the best skincare effects on your face.

Step 1:

  • facewash_01

    Bind your hair together

    Wash your face effectively up to the hairline, bind your hair together. If you use a shower cap, be sure to put it not to cover the hairline.

  • facewash_02

    Remove your makeup completely

    If you applied makeup, remove it with cleansing cream before washing your face. Be sure to remove eye makeup and red cosmetic very gently.

Step 2:

  • facewash_03

    Work up lather with your hands

    First of all, wash your hands to make clean foams. Use the soap in your hands with warm water. Turn over the soap in your palms several times to whip gentle cream-like foams.

  • facewash_04

    Wash your face with ample foams

    Put foams on your face and wash gently with your finger bulbs. Start washing from the center of your face such as forehead and nostrils to towards face line.

  • facewash_05

    Rinse your face mildly

    Remove foam on your face with warm water. Do not rub your face skin too roughly. Be sure to wash your hairline and face line carefully to avoid skin trouble afterwards.

  • facewash_06

    Wipe off gently with soft towel

    Use a soft and smooth towel to wipe off moisture. Do not rub your face and stimulate your delicate skin! Finally, treat your face skin with water or milky lotion. Now, you can feel the difference!