Wash your face gently with our quality soap.

Face washing is an important step towards healthy skin making.
Remove dirt and sebum carefully from your face skin so that you can get the best skincare effects on your face.

Step 1:

  • facewash_01

    Bind your hair together

    Wash your face effectively up to the hairline, bind your hair together. If you use a shower cap, be sure to put it not to cover the hairline.

  • facewash_02

    Remove your makeup completely

    If you applied makeup, remove it with cleansing cream before washing your face. Be sure to remove eye makeup and red cosmetic very gently.

Step 2:

  • facewash_03

    Work up lather with your hands

    First of all, wash your hands to make clean foams. Use the soap in your hands with warm water. Turn over the soap in your palms several times to whip gentle cream-like foams.

  • facewash_04

    Wash your face with ample foams

    Put foams on your face and wash gently with your finger bulbs. Start washing from the center of your face such as forehead and nostrils to towards face line.

  • facewash_05

    Rinse your face mildly

    Remove foam on your face with warm water. Do not rub your face skin too roughly. Be sure to wash your hairline and face line carefully to avoid skin trouble afterwards.

  • facewash_06

    Wipe off gently with soft towel

    Use a soft and smooth towel to wipe off moisture. Do not rub your face and stimulate your delicate skin! Finally, treat your face skin with water or milky lotion. Now, you can feel the difference!